Thursday, August 07, 2008

Gadget Boy

I made an executive decision. The C&P IT dept. really needed a new mobile. It's just arrived...

Excuse me while I dance a jig of unadulterated joy in the middle of the shop.


  1. Chris WildAugust 07, 2008

    Just make sure you download some of the e-books to it!!!!! :)

    (runs for cover.... )

  2. Aw, I wanted to say that.

    (also runs for cover)

  3. I'm ahead of you there boys. Downloaded an e-reader widget for the machine to see what all the fuss was about and I'm reallY, truly not just saying this but IT'S RUBBISH! I've got access to 26,000 titles but you really don't want to be reading text on that tiny screen. It's like your mummy cutting up your food for you into bite-size chunks - alright if you're 3 but we're grown ups, I want my text full-page please!

  4. chris wildAugust 08, 2008

    To be fair - you're not wrong... they are rubbish... but that's not the point! :)

    It's all about the future...

  5. So...does the hype stand up? Have you suffered any glitches yet?

  6. Hi Mark,

    Well, the 3G coverage is a bit temperamental so the GPS and internet can take some time but apart from that, yes it does live up to to the hype. A totally extraordinary bit of kit actually. Sounds corny, but it literally is the world's knowledge in your hand! The brilliant thing though are the applications you can download onto it. So far I've got BBC podcasts, Last.FM and the TV listings as little icons on the screen. More to follow...