Thursday, August 07, 2008

Least appropriate book jacket award

I can just imagine the meeting at Sales and Marketing:

'It's by a 47 year old man whose life, body and mind have, well, fallen apart'

'Is it funny?'

'Er, no, not really. In fact I'd hazard he was clinically depressed when he wrote it'

'Not funny at all?'

'Really, no. It's incredibly bleak. This is the mind of a certain type of middle aged man who really cannot see any future for himself or the world'

'Can we get anybody to say it's funny?'

'...Er... I suppose... There's plenty of Rent A Quotes out there we can use'

'Great! And falling apart you say? My kids love that Mr Potato Head toy where you stick the bits onto him and they fall off again. Stick that on the cover! They'll love it!'

And so it goes...

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