Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Phew, that's better. I've adopted a pet!

What a nice way to calm the day down. Hello Denis! Click on More to give Denis a nice feed of bamboo!

(Thanks to CCC)


  1. Denis is so cute! Well done!

  2. I've fed him and fed him and fed him and fed him but he still looks bombed.

    If I keep feeding him will he get sick?

  3. Oh I get it! That's weed he's eating isn't it...I can see why he looks so wasted now.

    Isn't it a teensy bit out of order to force feed a panda weed. Is there a "virtual" RSPCA?

    If so, I'm calling it.

  4. I confess: I did something naughty to Denis.* He began to sulk.

    I'm sorry.

    * feed him once, then try again but keep the branch always just out of his reach.

    and what's this about pets resembling their owners?

  5. I'm fed up with Denis. Can we get rid of him or is he ours "forever".

    Is there a way to "virtualy" stuff him in a sack full of bricks and chuck him into the Thames I wonder?

  6. Do that and you'll be following him into the river, sunshine!