Friday, August 22, 2008

Head. Nail. Hit

Seth Godin gets it right again.

Been thinking the same thoughts as I've been re-doing all this website and blog shenanigans. What is it we do? What is the website for? The Blog? We are Booksellers, we sell books. In a shop, a real live shop. We're not html whizzes and we haven't got the cash to pay the real whizzes to do it for us. The websites should be a reflection of the DIY ethic at C&P towers but not even attempting to be too slick because to be honest we're just not even approaching the foothills of slick.

I like to think on Seth's twin bell-curve we're just about half-way up 'Real'. But then I've never been to good at self-evaluation. I'll settle for competent. That'll do me fine...

Or, as a friend said to me the other day as I showed her v4.7 of the ever-evolving C&P web presence; 'You know, some people have a talent for this website stuff. You're not one of them.'


  1. Thats why your RSS feed isnt working. Please please fix it.

  2. RSS feed?

    I'd fix it if I knew what it was...

  3. it's the thingybob which keeps track of when you update your page - I think Tall Paul did it for you on your old blog?