Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ah, that's better...

It's been a slings and arrows kind of a week. Nuff said.

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely sh*t but slowly things have improved.

First off, the sun was shining.

Then, after an unusually tempestuous display from Finn he calmed down and was lovely on the bus. I left him at nursery looking all cheery as little people admired his dinosaur shirt.

Then as I walked along the South Bank to the Lower Marsh shop I bumped into my brother Colin. Just like that. He's popping by later after work.

The sun shone more. I sold some books.

Catherine O'Flynn's
chap came in for a good chinwag. Brilliant to hear of all her success in 20 countries.

"F" ambled into the shop with a couple of Portuguese custard tarts. My favourite "F". I ask again - what did I ever do to deserve such gifts?

Then Alberto Manguel asked if it was ok if he linked to our website. Ok? We are honoured Alberto!

Then I went to Marsh Ruby for a curry. I was feeling rough. Like I might vomit any moment. But I held on and ate the lot with extra chillies. Now I feel fine. Ingrid hastled me about not blowing our own trumpet enough.

Next Sandi Toksvig popped in and called me "love" which I loved. She agreed it was a lovely sunny day and "perfect for a walk".

To top off a great day I realised that Late Junction has a Brian Eno special on the BBC I-Player.

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  1. Yes, and the coffee in Scooterworks was as delicious as you promised.

    Peter (COF Chap)