Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dr Rick Wants a Book? For his Wife?

At Crockatt & Powell we pride ourselves on our insane devotion to - you!

Well put it this way, if you love us, we love you - more!

Wednesday was my "day off". That means my body was up early and taking Finn to nursery before the rest of me was aware what day it was. I dropped him off and he ran for the toys right away. "Bye!" I said, but he was gawn into kiddie land. Then I hot foot it to the bookshop which is closed at this point, since it is still really early. After letting myself in and dumping the buggy in our back room I leg it down the street with a box full of bags for the Fulham Road shop to catch a bus home. Whilst sitting on the bus I take advantage of a rare few moments to finish Pollard by Laura Beatty and decide it is a rather excellent book. I re-read the end and it gets better.

At home I change into my bike gear then jump on the trusty Zip 50 scooter with the box of bags. As I speed along it begins to rain and I decide today is the day I will finally get round to buying a proper wet-weather jacket. By the time I arrive at the Fulham Road shop I am definitely damp. I hand over the bags to Stuart and pick up the books I need, then it's back on the bike to Lower Marsh.

I arrive on the Marsh and stride into the shop, all biked up. Dr Rick is there dissecting the economic state of things with another Dr (let's call her "S") who is clutching her little lad - a mate of Finn's as it happens. I hand the good doctor the book he needs whilst singing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" then leave again to park properly.

I return to find Adam attempting to fix Dr Rick's laptop. He fails. But at least he tried.

After a brief encounter with an awkward member of the private army Lambeth Council have hired to try and destroy us I leave the shop and start my day off. It's almost lunchtime by then...

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  1. When I came into the shop you told me that Dr Rick (I misheard as Dr Iq, by the way, an exciting sounding Graham-Greene / Zadie Smithish sort of character) had made a big chart for Tree of Smoke. Having just finished it (amazing, amazing) I wondered whether you could be prevailed upon to post this publicly so that we can all share the love? (Ask the kind Doctor first of course)