Saturday, September 27, 2008


Obviously I had to stay up and watch the Presidential debate last night. Hard to watch with fresh, unbiased eyes from someone so obviously biased but I'd call it a draw which means an Obama victory. He just seemed more 'Presidential', composed and thoughtful. McCain's the guy in the room to stir things up, a real General Turgidson sitting there saying we need to bomb Iran before they get the doomsday machine. You need those guys, you need the extremes to carefully consider every point of view before acting but would you put one in charge? No freakin way!

Anyways, because of those pesky time difference shenanigans (if the Earth was flat would there be any time diffence?) I didn't make it to bed until half 4 and as I'm working today let's just say, I've felt better...

...must remember to be nice to the customers, patience boy, patience...

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  1. The excellent Steve Goldman seems to agree with you, Adam:

    He's well worth a read.

    I found McCain to be patronising, annoying and not dissimilar to the man he might replace, but I was not paying full attention and don't understand these things. But hopefully McCain's juvenile sniping will get stale before they're done.