Friday, September 12, 2008

Maureen Duffy - We Salute You!

Crockatt & Powell were thrilled to launch Maureen Duffy's 30th publication in the Fulham Road shop last night.

Family Values is a collection of poems.

I feel it is sometimes easy to be hard on poetry and poets. There are way more bad poets than good poets (myself included!) and enough bad poetry in the world to fill all the remaining landfill space globally. But you know the good stuff when you find it don't you? And this is the goooood stuff.

Enitharmon have produced a beautiful book for a writer who deserves the very best.

Maureen was brilliant. I'll stop gushing now. It only remains for me to pose this question.

What is the collective noun for poets? (Let's just say there were quite a few in the shop. And also quite a few broken glasses...)

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