Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Post Modern?

We received a letter in the post this morning from a gentleman in Swansea with two cuttings enclosed.

Dear Sirs,

Enclosed are Two Cuttings of books I'm looking for.

Can you help with this request, if so Please find enclosed a S.A.E for your reply also Charges etc.

If you're unable to assist Could you Please forward the Cuttings back.

Sincere Thanks

Blimey. That hasn't happened before...

I am in the process of composing our response. Both books are available. We shall see how the relationship develops.

BTW I am in no way intending this as a mick-take post. I think it's great that snail mail might be used for such things. I also feel pretty sure this is not a gentleman likely to be using the internet much. Maybe I'm wrong. But I don't think so!


  1. Please Please Please find someone who knows what an RSS feed is and put it back. I'm going slightly mad without it!

  2. Hello Anon,

    We've known what an RSS feed is for sometime now - 'bout 2 1/2 years. RSS really reflects the immediate nature of the internet and blogs and following the US party conventions these last two weeks, the RSS has been brilliant with situations changing by the hour.

    But we're not a news or comment blog, we're not a 'publicity' or 'marketing' blog, I don't think our blog serves any purpose other than Matthew and I unloading random thoughts every now and again and as such we really don't think that's suitable to be fed into an RSS feed. It may not be what you want to hear but we're just awkward like that!

    I can honestly say we have NEVER looked at our blog stats in the last year and if nobody reads this stuff then that's fine with us. I know it doesn't make much sense but opening a bookshop on a tired old market street in a run-down part of central London didn't make much sense either.

    Besides, one of the pleasures of blogs like ours for me is leaving a few weeks between visits and getting a whole bunch of stuff to read in one sitting and as authors of this blog that's how we want it to be read. The lack of RSS is a conscious choice. Anyway, didn't you know Web 2.0 is so over, all that access and equality nonsense. It's 3.0 now and we're at the forefront - gated communities and armed guards, it's the future! (I'm kidding)

    So, we appreciate you wanting to read our blether, we really do but you know you should be working don't you? Think of us as doing you a favour and helping you on your way to overcoming blog addiction...