Friday, September 12, 2008

The C & P Price Gun Challange - Win a £10 C & P Gift Token

There a comes a point in every man's life when you just have to take it on the chin and admit defeat.

We have a price gun.

In fact we have two price guns but the one in the new shop is easy to load. No problem. We still have the instructions.

The trouble starts on Lower Marsh. There we have a different price gun and no instructions. I have a difficult relationship with instructions. (We have a box of broken stuff as proof.) I probably threw them away.

We have been trying to load some stickers into it for about two months now.

If you can do it we will give you a £10 voucher on the spot. But I bet you will fail...


  1. Have you asked Jane to do it? She's a wizz with a price gun.


  2. Hi Julie - Jane usually only works at the new shop. But thanks for the tip. I might just bike it over...