Monday, January 12, 2009

Photographic Memories

That's a photograph of our shop in 1989.

And in again around 1950. (When it was two shops - one a sweet shop!)

We received these photos from a man whose father was born in the flats up above the shop. At that time it was a sweet shop - a pretty good place for a kid to live I would have thought. It seems people used to take shelter in our cellar and the cellar of the Camel and Artichoke pub next door during bombing raids in WW2.

Looking at these photos it is clear that in some ways little has changed since the 1950's on Lower Marsh. The stalls, the rubbish, the small shops and assorted folk drifting along the street. There is a patch of waste ground next to the shop in 1950. Now there is a library and job shop but only in a portacabin - a temporary structure that has existed for many years now...

In the photo from 1989 you can see a small tree or bush growing on the roof of the pub. That tree or bush is still there! We also still have a sign on the side of the shop advertising Brights.

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