Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A world changing event...

Our street is becoming part of a CPZ (controlled parking zone). We had one of these parked outside our flat this morning. Then a bloke in a yellow jacket came along, climbed inside and made it go. He even raised the scoop at the front and waggled it up and down for us. As far as young Finn is concerned this is just about the most important, historic and exciting event to occur in history. I listened to him burbling something along the lines of "It was yellow and a man did come and make it go (screams with delight) it was a digger and it did have all lots of levers and buttons to press and it made a BIG NOISE" all the way to nursery.


  1. I think a trip to Diggerland is in order.

  2. If only those guys, the drivers of such vehicles, knew that they ruled in the world of all small kids. When we moved into our present apartment twelve years ago, we did not know that the city planned a three-year construction site before our building. What we initially thought of as grounds to move out, proved to be a Constant Source of Entertainment to our young children. They would, literally, spend hours sitting on our living room windowsill and watch the activities below. It made our conviction to go without television a very easy thing indeed.

  3. Our dog is similarly mesmerised by giant work vehicles.
    As an aside, I've been playing your new Hangman game, and wondered why the clue to every word was "Garbage bin"... it took me three games before I realised how stupid I was.

  4. Seeing oil rigs being transported and assembled around us as children definitely got me interested in engineering and studying architecture. So you never know, your kids might end up designing those buildings!

    Not sure about the dog's future career though...


    (Back to non-work now...)

  5. Caustic Cover Dude - I did the same thing...