Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Westfield - Lots of space in this mall!

Ah, Westfield.
In delightful,
Shepherd's Bush
Which once was a field,
In the west, Of London's fair fields.

I lived once,
In the west's fields.
I grew up in Bristol,
It's in the West
Country, It has Malls too.

Oh, fair Westfield,
You remind me,
Of a Country Fair.
Only covered over with glass,
And underfoot,
With concrete, not grass.

(Forward to 1:58 in. I hadn't seen the Blues Brothers for ages. Thanks ITV4)

1 comment:

  1. "Customers' craving for convenience and desire for indulgence will be met by a 70-strong concierge and valet team trained to 5-star hotel standard."

    I like the idea of 70 people waiting on me hand and foot. Do you think that's a free service? Or do you have to be David Beckham to apply?