Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh Dear

Is it just me or does this seem, well, a bit off. Let's hope the people who made the film had nothing to do with the trailer


  1. What a freakin joke! Is this supposed to be the Damned Utd? Unbelievable.

    Is that supposed to be Brain Clough? Clueless.

    How can you turn a novel of such total darkness and obsessive maleness into a jokey "Northern" Billy Elliot/Brassed off pile of absolute shite.

    Do we (as a nation) have to see ourselves through such rose tinted nostalgic specs?

    David Peace had NOTHING to do with this, of that I am sure...

  2. Ha ha! I found the book unreadable and hate football and I think this looks brilliant. So either they have got it spectacularly right or spectacularly wrong.

  3. Marie! That's just so infuriating! Gah - if only you were here in the bookshop we could have a right barney...

    You could storm out telling me to Fu*k off like the good old days.

    You are SO wrong on this one. Do you want me to start on DT or something?