Friday, January 23, 2009

Literary Criticism and a pleasant reminder given the circumstances...

'In 1903, in Paris, Emile Tardieu brought out a book entitled L'Ennui in which all human activity is shown to be a vain attempt to escape from boredom, but in which, at the same time, everything that was, is, and will be appears as the inexhaustible nourishment of that feeling. To hear this, you might suppose the work to be a mighty monument of literature - a monument aere perennius in honour of the taedium vitae of the Romans. But it is only the self-satisfied shabby scholarship of a new Homais, who reduces all greatness, the heroism of heroes and the asceticism of saints, to documents of his own spiritually barren, petty-bourgeois discontent.'
-Walter Benjamin, The Arcades Project, p.102

ps FAO: Dr Rick: Your books in.

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