Saturday, June 24, 2006

Chinny Chin Chin

Here we are in the Times, or if you want to see the photo - and don't blame me if the horror of it gets burned directly onto your retina - you will have to buy the real thing, and turn to page 13 (unlucky for some) of the Knowledge section. They have helpfully put a photo of the three characters from Black Books next to our *enormous* picture so that you can make comparisons. I am Fran. The boys can fight it out amongst themselves for the other two.

Anyway it's actually a fair representation of what we said - accuracy from the press? surely not - but I would like to point out a few minor errata:
- I never "giggle".
- I'm not sure that Matthew was "smiling" when he said "How often in a chain would you get the staff telling you to f*** off or flouncing out of the shop".
- We do get customers, I am going to be in so much trouble about that.
- We usually only have the one chin each.

Aside from that though, it's pretty funny, and a worryingly revealing portrayal of what we're really like. But I'm not sure I actually wanted anybody to know.

PS If you're wondering which book I'm reading in the picture, it's Peter Hobbs's excellent The Short Day Dying which deserves to be bought by more people, and I'm only sad that you can't see the cover in the photo.


  1. We come across as moaning a lot about the Golden W - a topic all and sundry are heartily bored of by now but that gives the press their angle.

    I was smiling about the flouncing...

    (One of the most entertaining things you could ever see is the sight of a pissed off Marie flouncing out of the shop. So far I have only managed to achieve this once but I hope it will be repeated at some point in the near future!)

    Management? Pah!

  2. Bloody hell! It's not our fault Matthew, *they* chose the episode, not *us*! For crying out loud! And we only mentioned the W once!

    Flounces off.

    How was that?

  3. I'm gutted that I missed this, because I so wanted to see the accompanying photo, especially now you've described the chins and that.