Monday, June 12, 2006

How to cope with this hot weather

1. Buy two books.
2. Read one.
3. Fan yourself with the other.
4. And then when it's winter, you can burn them for warmth. Or rip them up and stuff the pages down your trousers for insulation.

Books: *so* versatile. You'd never get this many uses out of an electronic hand-held reading device.


  1. Over weekend read the new Kelley Armstrong "Broken" (frothy but fun) and the Kate Mosses "Labyrinth" (complete hokum). The latter is quite big and has lots of pages. I'm definitely using that as a fan.

  2. Scott PackJune 13, 2006


    1) Buy two books.

    2) Employ someone from

    3) Get them to fan you while you read