Friday, June 16, 2006

Crap at Maths

It's not big or clever to be crap at maths. I just embarassed myself by claiming 7 x 8 was 63 when in fact it isn't...(7 X 9 is 63 dumb ass!)

My uncle is a bloody maths professor in Zurich!

Why am I so totally rubbish with numbers?

Bah. Can't spell either. Hurumph.

Come on techy types! Invent a chip you can plug into my brain and make me a maths whizz/spelling geek...


  1. It ain't so bad, Matthew. A lot of mathematicians are dreadful at mental arithmetic. Chances are that you are better than your uncle. :)

    You really want Microsoft spell and grammer check in your head? Not sure I could put up with all those green and red squiggles.

  2. Hi Daithi, A Microsoft chip in my head would probably involve that stupid fuing paper clip too - nightmare.

    As for being better at the mental stuff than my uncle I hope you are right. On paper he has me though. (See pic in post above!)

  3. Cool piccie, but then I think typeset maths is gorgeous.

    Figure I'm dangerously close to getting banned from this blog for being geeky.

    Too bad there's only one page though... I'm dead curious to see how your uncle gets out Lemma 2.1. ;)