Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good News!

Everybody knows booksellers like a drink. (Marie is out now buying booze for the AC Grayling event tonight) Our shop is conveniently situated next door to a pub called the Camel. Until very recently it was a bit of a crap pub. In other words there were no decent ales on tap, a problem for a beer lover like myself.

But now things have changed! They have IPA and Abbot on tap!

IPA is a little whimpy but certainly worth a jar or two on a hot afternoon.

Abbot is among my current favourites - strong, tasty and traditional.

Of course the best pint around is London Pride, soon to be the only real ale brewed in the capital. And Fullers is a family company, still clinging doggedly to their independence in the face of interest from the big boys...


  1. What Matthew fails to mention is that he is also quite partial to a glass or two of that most macho of drinks: Rose. Deny it if you wish, Matthew, but anyone who has come along to one of our events knows the truth...

  2. No I'm not it's all lies!

    Would never be seen dead drinking the pink...

  3. pffft!
    Er, drink seems to be a bit of a theme at the moment.

  4. Ah, boooooze...

    Some may have noted the time of the post below. After a few lager shandies watching the football your poster fell asleep listening to his i-tunes selection and being jolted awake by the track mentioned and successfully spilling beer all over himself and the carpet. The amber nectar indeed. Obviously the first thing I thought of was to blog about it.