Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Roll on winter

Oh god there's even more cyclists now. Please let the weather get worse so their numbers are reduced. More cyclists is leading to more annoyance and drivers losing their patience. Especially the no. 159 that tried to kill me this morning by accelerating past and pulling into a bus stop when I was only 30 yards from it.

I'll have to go and calm down by the sea side again now. The only good thing about summer is you get to swim in the sea, one of the most therapeutic and relaxing things I can think of. Went to Walton-on-the-Naze on sunday and took to the water. Bliss.

Then I got to thinking of all the bodies of water I've swam in. I feel a competition coming on...

North Sea, English Channel, Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, South China Sea, Tasman Sea, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Loch Lomond, Lake Taupo, erm..

Can anyone top that?


  1. Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, this morning.

  2. Sorry Jonathan but I don't think you've quite entered the spirit of ego and braggadocio I was looking for. More showing off please.

  3. Walton-On-The-Naze eh? Most children in the South East will have visited at some stage (if they did geography at school) to view a fine example of longshore drift...

  4. It's an Olympic pool. There are people there training and all sorts and it doesn't have a shallow end.

  5. I'll only be truly impressed if it's got a 10m diving board.

  6. I forgot the Bristol Channel.