Sunday, July 23, 2006

Grown men do cry.

Anyone who just watched Tiger Woods win the open and not shed a tear is indeed a heartless son of a bitch.

(ps A Guilty Secret: I love golf. I don't play much and i despise it's middleclass status but when you're on the course and you strike a 7 iron off the fairway cleanly there is almost no better feeling.)

And, as an aside, the term 'Links' Golf refers to the land between the sea and arible land that was useless to everybody. So, democratically, it was decided to use this waste land as a game knocking a tiny ball around trying to find a hole. Golf is a product of the Scottish Enlightenment and should be revered as such. That it has been taken over by executives is a diminishment of its noble origins. But, Tiger wins and more and more people are interested in the game. Let's wrest the control of this marvelous sport from the pringle-wearing nazis and return it to the true faithful who love it for what it is...


  1. mumble mumble environmentally unsound mumble mumble...

  2. Golf?

    Are we talking about that game invented by perfectionist sadist Scotsmen?

    Drives me crazy that "game". You have to put so much time into it just to be able to hit the ball. Then you need to be able to hit it cleanly without slicing/pulling the shots.

    Life is TOO SHORT for hours of it to be spent walking through fake countryside in a fury 'cos you sliced a shot on the second hole, it went into the trees, took an hour to locate the ball then four shots to get back onto the fairway.

    I HATE golf.

    The execs can have it...