Thursday, July 13, 2006


Zidane (zih-dahn) noun 1 An act of random madness 2 A particularly satisfying legal term denoting justice 3 An uncommonly elegant person 4 Revenge verb 1 To perform an act of random madness 2 To take revenge 3 To seek justice 4 To suavely flaneur down the street
- PHRASES n 1 That was a real Zidane 2 Zidane is served 3 Phwooar look at that Zidane over there 4 Zidane is a dish best served cold v 1 That blokes gonna f***ing Zidane him if he's not careful 2 'And so Monte Cristo had finally zidaned Monsieur le Comte' 3 Mr Jeffrey Archer: M'lud, I only seek to zidane myself against these heinous accusations 4 She was zidaneing across the boulevard in the most beautiful Chanel suit.


  1. Nipple tweaking aquired a whole new range of meanings for me recently...

    Helps to make contractions more powerful!

    Maybe the nipple tweaking of Zidane accounted in some way for the rush of blood and otherwise inexplicable nut?

  2. Of course, in ealier, happier days, a "Zidane" was a hair style. Check out the following ( ):

    BERLIN: Germany players were given Zinedine Zidane-style haircut and bald spot in a page one photo-montage on Tuesday ahead of the Euro 2004 match against the Dutch. “We need 11 Zidanes,” read the headline in the top-selling Bild newspaper beneath the 11 mug shots of the team. — Reuters