Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok here he is...


Thanks to Toe -B for the snazzy Dylan suit...


  1. Elaine BarbourJuly 25, 2006

    That was well worth waiting for. Isn't he gorgeous!! I'm enjoying the stories of all his exploits.
    Elaine (Great Aunt)

  2. What a little poppet. You'll get me all broody and I've got too much work to do...

  3. Hey - he looks quite grown up. Hi Finn. You`ll be glad to know that Long Barn Books is publishing at ABC, to be followed by a 123, a Nursery Rhymes and a Noah`s Ark, all by the same amazingly wonderful new illustrator we`ve found before anyone else did. We`re going to give you the very first copy of each one straight off the press. By the time ABC is ready so will you be - just about. Love from susan

  4. Ahhh - cheers Susan...

    Be aware I am starting him on the ABC next week. Should have it by heart mid - August!

  5. Many, many congratualtions guys. I am sure you have years of the most tremendous fun ahead of you.