Friday, July 07, 2006

How did that happen?

We've got a couple of events coming up in the shop in July. The week after next Perrier Award-winning comedian Daniel Kitson is doing 3 nights as a warm up before taking his new show to Edinburgh and then the week after we've got an evening with recent Orange winner Zadie Smith (who doesn't usually do this sort of thing).

We don't actually know any famous people (actually I bet Marie does) but I guess we know people (customers) who know famous people. I s'pose it helps being in central London too. Anyway, as you can imagine we're quietly chuffed and looking forward to it all so many thanks to those who made it possible.

Oh, and Matthew's wife went into labour today. Crockatt & Powell & Sons (or Daughters)

Honestly, you turn your back for a minute... How did that happen!


  1. Hmm, now as Daniel was only telling me yesterday, he hasn't actually written it yet...

    He did look quietly confident tho...