Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Accounts dept. heavies

Through no fault of our own and only very occasionally do we find ourselves in arrears with the odd supplier or two. Do the people they employ to retrieve the money really have to be so aggressive? The man today was very demanding and insisted they needed the payment immediately. For a start they don't need anything, they want the money. We only really need food, shelter and water, we want the nice stuff. We wanted their books and they want some money for them, need is something else entirely. Secondly, it's barely two weeks overdue, so just chill the fuck out. And, thirdly, did his mother never tell him he'd catch more flies with honey than vinegar?


  1. What's honey for receivers? "Will you give us the money if we send Eva Longoria around to pick it up?"

  2. That would work. Oh yes, that would work.