Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Confession...

Was out and about in New Cross last night, at a talk by Nick Hornby. Blake Morrison was chair.

Blake - you may have been looking for your pen this morning.

I'm really sorry but I seem to have walked off with it...

...if by any chance you read this, or a mate sends a message on the literary grapevine then that's cool - it's here waiting for you.

BTW Mr Hornby was dead wrong about people not reading much fiction in translation. We have been open for almost a year now. In our bestsellers (all the books sold since we opened) there are several top 30 entries that are translated.

Pamuk (Turkish)

Shafak (Turkish)

Szerb (Hungarian)

Ammaniti (Italian)

Camilleri (Italian)

and Zafon (Spanish)

We love translated fiction at C & P and it looks as though our customers do too.


  1. Indeed - the only reason he's not in the top 30 is he has so many great books they divide his sales rather...

  2. How odd.. what about all those translated crime novelists from the frozen northlands - often published by Harvill.

  3. Good point. Mankell. Indridason.

    I think I'm being a little unfair on Mr Hornby. He was in front of an audience, on the spot - can't begin to imagine the kind of crap I would come out with in a similar situation...