Monday, November 20, 2006

A little perspective

Want to know where the real money in publishing is?

John Wiley pays £572 Million for Blackwells publishing

HMV paid £62.8 million for Ottakers and look at the fuss that kicked up.

Oh well, back to the coal face...


  1. Adam, there certainly is money in academic publishing, which was the mainstay of the Blackwell business.

    As for Ottakar's, IMVHO it was brave of HMV to purchase them at any price : the fact that they have made such a horlicks of the integration, in the process turning Wottakar's into a supermarket discounter bodes badly for the chain book stores future

    Wottakar's management need firing for entering in a discount war with WHS this month : just when the little W's management might have thought life couldn't get any worse, Amazon this morning sent a few serious blows across their bows.

    It will be like Roman Gladiators : send on the lions I say !!!

    Amazon have all the advantages of third-party sales revenue and can afford to predatory price : Waterstone have no revenue from other sources, except that which they can extract as co-op promo from gullible publishers.

  2. Come on Adam, let`s start something.
    LONG BARN BOOKS LTD buys CROCKATT AND POWELL FOR 213million. CROCKATT AND POWELL counters with a bid to buy LONG BARNS BOOKS LTD for 213.00001 million.
    Both combine to make a bid for Richard Charkin`s MACMILLAN of 42p.

  3. Don't know if Macmillan are worth 42p after they just agreed to pay a mr J Archer Esq. 12 million quid for a handful of books.

    But, speaking for Matthew, we will happily accept 213,000,000 for C&P Ltd. Just make the cheque out to Adam Powell and I'll make sure he gets his cut.

    Actually, come to think of it, we're Archer's local bookshop for his London pied-a-terre. Maybe we should start cultivating some of that windfall...

  4. I cannot believe that 12m will earn out, I just cannot believe that.