Monday, November 27, 2006

Book Lovers Beware!

One of the independent bookshops I used to work at had a real thing about signed copies. I remember after a session with one esteemed author (who shall of course remain nameless) readying myself to stack the vast pile of their latest hardback on top of the bookshelves. This was standard practice as there was nowhere else to put large quantities of books. (Anyone who can read between the lines will know the shop I am talking about. Excellent place. Bit untidy.)

Unfortunately there was a gap where two bookcases met that was invisible. I only discovered it was there when I placed five copies of this beautifully signed new hardback onto what I thought was the top of a bookshelf. It was, in fact, a gap between two bookcases. There was a crash as the books fell behind the bookcases. I was enlightened and never made the same mistake again though I am sure someone else has. If one were to look behind these bookcases there would probably be a few, perhaps valuable, signed first editions lurking.

I mention this incident because of a small item in the Independent today:

Woman Dies Behind Bookcase

New Port Richey

The body of a missing Florida woman has been found by her family, wedged upside down behind a bookcase in her room. Mariesa Weber, 38, is believed to have fallen and become trapped as she tried to reach behind the bookcase to adjust the plug to a TV set. She may have died from suffocation. (or embarrassment - my italics) Her family spent nearly two weeks searching for her, fearing she had been kidnapped.

Luckily there are no hidden spaces behind any of our bookshelves...

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