Friday, November 17, 2006

Number of stickers - 35. Number of books - 1


  1. When I opened the envelope and took out my 35, I immediately thought of you and your Richard and Judy Christmas window.

  2. We have a cut out Richard - but can't get him to stand up straight...

    He's kind of propped against our stuffed Judy, but with Santa and all those elves in there it looks more S & M than C & P.

  3. PS Is it raining over where you are?

    Pissing down here now!

  4. Luckily, we happened to have 35 copies of 'Ocean' kicking around and consequently were able to start slapping stickers on like crazy.

    I love stickers. I wish publishers would put more on. And use stronger glue as well.

    I peeled one off AN Wilson's Betjeman today. The publisher had slapped a large, red "Betjeman Centenary 2006" as if to say "Stop! Fickle customer! Buy this book during 2006, it's the centenary for god's sake. It'll be passed its sell-by-date next year"...