Saturday, November 18, 2006

Arse Freak - Me Footie Team Are Getting Battered!

Bloody Bloody City...Whipped by that stuffeddonkeyloving Pearce and his bas*tard Barton boys.

I remember the good old days when Fulham and City were both in the first division.

We played them at Craven Cottage and the Gallagher brothers were in the posh boxes behind us. (The posh seats used to be up behind the Hammersmith Terrace.) As we scored the third goal the whole Hammersmith end turned towards them and were singing "Oasis - What's The Score? Oasis Oasis what's the score?" Noel was giving us all V signs. What a laugh.

Hey ho, at least I'm at work and not having to watch it in the pub...


  1. We've got one back - come on lads!!!

  2. Ah well...another heroic defeat it is...

  3. "Arse Freak"? What's that supposed to mean? As an armchair City fan, I have to say it's too easy (and not big and not clever) to make fun of the Gallaghers.
    City won easily, it seems, but City being City, this only presages a heavy defeat in the next match.
    At least we have Rodney Marsh in common.

  4. Arse Freak is the kind of thing supporting Fulham leads to I'm afraid...

    As for the Gallaghers I think they're big enough to defend themselves, not that they'd be impressed by a book-reading wimp like me telling them to come and have a go!

  5. Actually, I reckon I could take both Gallaghers with one hand tied behind my back - but I won't have to bother, since I'm sure some squaddie will do it for me following Noel's insightful comments on Iraq today...