Thursday, October 09, 2008

And the Nobel Prize for Literature goes

I loved what the Swedes said about Europe being the "centre of the literary world" after having a go at American writers for only being concerned with American things. (Astounding how stupid people who consider themselves to be intelligent can be eh?)

What about all those excellent writers who are of African origin? For a start...

Ah well, we'll have to wait for some brave publisher in the UK/US to pay for Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio's books to be translated into English before I'm able to comment on the pros/cons of their choice.


  1. In fact those pesky Americans who never take any notice of what's going on elsewhere have translated one book - Wandering Star 9781931896115 - it is "difficult" to obtain.

    By "difficult" I mean good luck, it's put the imp into impossible...

  2. Non, non, Nebraska UP own the rights to two at least and one of those digital print on demand outfits - i think Lightning Source - have been showing off about how they got them back in print within 48 HOURS of receiving the pdfs.....