Thursday, October 09, 2008

Taking the Stairs by John Stiles

I hesitate to blog about this for fear of being inundated with shite books but... day a few weeks ago a man came into the shop. His name was John. John Stiles. And he wondered if we might like to take a few copies of his novel Taking The Stairs.

I had met John before and recognised a kindred spirit. (He loves writing. A bit too much. A book nut - prepared to go way too far in the pursuit of literary dreams.)

Know what? I read taking the stairs and loved it. I laughed out loud. The dialogue snaps. The observations are spot on.

I fear it will not sell in large quantities but why not try and prove me wrong? Go into your local (bookshop) and demand a copy. If the geeks say it does not exist then give us a ring and I'll send you a copy.

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