Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sony e-reader

I wandered into Waterstone's today and they had a Sony e-reader you could play with.

1: It is UGLY.

2: When you "turn a page" the screen kind of fades to black and then comes back again on the next page. That would really bug me after a while.

3: The second page I read had two words joinedtogether like so...That's just shoddy.

I left feeling fully vindicated in our dismissal of this ridiculous toy, a classic example of a pointless technology.

If it ain't broke and has been around for thousands of years...


  1. 1: It's less ugly than I expected, but still not very pretty. Then again, I don't particularly like most book covers, either. I like blue books ;-)

    2: I would get used to it, as many others have.

    3: I have found typos in EVERY book I've ever read.

    >>If it ain't broke and has been around for thousands of years...

    Writing has been around for thousands of years in different formats. e-Books are just another format.

    You may see this as a pointless technology; others don't.
    Personally, I think blackberries and iPhones are pointless because I have no use for them, but if you have one, I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Jenny,

    Do you work for Sony or Watergoolies by any chance?

  3. We disagree then Jenny.

    That's fine.