Friday, October 10, 2008

How NOT to get your husband's book into Crockatt & Powell...

A lady comes in and asks for a book.

We do not have it.

She asks if she can order a copy and I say "yes".

The book arrives and we keep it aside for the nice lady.

The nice lady comes in.

Turns out she does not want to buy the book after all. No. Her husband wrote it.


Does this strike you as the best way to get a book into bookshops? Deception? Why not just be up front? Or maybe, just maybe, the book is a pile of &*&£


  1. Was the book by J R Hartley??

  2. how to piss a bookseller off for life. All that for one extra sale. Why not buy it and give it back and ask for it to be displayed? Better then black balling your husbands book with C&P. I don't know, some people.