Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To Queen or not to Queen

Customer No 1:

(Age approx 60 - Dressed in multi-coloured clothing.)

"The Queen? Pah, I'll not buy any book associated with the Queen. I'm the only Queen around here! Hah Hah!."

Customer No 2:

(American accent, maybe 25, Dressed - in a manner appropriate for the fashion magazine reading youth of today)


Me: (Age approx 23 - ok ok ok 34ish - Dressed - Brown shirt, green trousers, black jumper - a MESS OK?)

"Any strong opinions about the queen?"

Customer number 2:

"They told me before I came here if I said anything bad about the Queen the people would kill me."

Me: "I have a soft spot for her really. She reminds me of my Granny."

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