Wednesday, October 29, 2008

more random Marsh stuff

1: Our lady friend from the Jamaican embassy came in and we discussed Barack Obama. She has a bottle of Champagne on ice and said she would "smash it up" if McCain won. She also said the Jamaican president really appreciated the book we suggested he should read - Negro With A Hat by Colin Grant.

2: A regular customer of ours came in and spent some book tokens she won after writing a letter to the Guardian. The letter was about busking - and I remember reading it myself a couple of weeks ago.

3: The pancake lady has given up for the day. It is 2pm and she had sold 3 pancakes...(lost money in other words - I had four free ones in the end) She is a dancer by trade and is now going off to a Fitness First where she is going to teach a class how to do a Dirty Dancing workout.

Lower Marsh eh?


  1. Pancake Lady was awesome!

    I had a pancake off her last week and have been trying to get the people I work with just down the road to be 'enthused' about pancakes for lunch. They're all on diets - damn them.

    Has she given up for good?

    I went in your bookshop for the first time today. It's lovely. Like... super lovely. So nice to work somewhere where you can buy decent streetfood and the bookshops don't have starbucks in them and actually stock decent books.

    I was particularly pleased to see 'I could ride all day in my cool blue train' on the table. Pete Hobbs so belongs on display tables!

  2. I think she made a mistake with pancakes. Like you say they are too full of fat for the Marsh.

    Glad you liked the shop.