Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crockatt & Powell "Win" Pub Quiz

There are publishers.

And then there's Penguin.

The Crockatt & Powell lads were invited to compete in a travel pub quiz, hosted by Penguin, (they do Rough Guides and the DK Eyewitness guides in case you didn't know).

*Note to other publishers who might be reading. This post is not sponsored by Penguin - but when I'm given access to a free bar and free curry I am honour bound to be a little bit OTT in my appreciation ok?*

Now for those yet to visit either of our premises in the non-cyber world travel is not a big part of our operation. Yes we sell travel guides. Yes we sell travel literature. But we're not a travel bookshop.

So when we finished second, splitting the two teams from Stanfords (travel specialists) we were quite pleased.

A certain other travel bookshop was represented. To spare blushes I will not say where they finished...

And who came last? Winning actual wooden spoons? Yes, you guessed it - those brilliant folk from Waterstone's head office in Brentford.


As I'm blogging away in the Lower Marsh shop with the shutters down (Adam is opening today so even though I'm here I'm not doing anything about the shutters till he arrives - Oh! What business leaders we are!) a bloke turns up with a box marked McSweeney's Seduction Box.

It's only a bloke from Penguin called Matt (a literary marketing executive no less!) giving us more gifts.

It's a right ducking early CHRISTMAS! Hooray for Penguin, the best publisher in the world.


  1. And thanks guys, for the sort-of-prezzie.

    Almost as sweet as Manny's spare corn cob...

  2. f - it was the least we could do for all the cakes and ale...

  3. still bitter about Waterstone's eh boys? Give it a rest