Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Someone needs help

The following e-mail arrived today...

I know this is going to sound really strange, but I'm really hoping that you
may be able to help me. My sister and I visited London back in April. We
live in the USA. Anyway, we saw posters in all of the tube stations
advertising a new novel. We didn't want to buy it at the time, because we
didn't have any room in our luggage, but figured we'd buy it when we got
back home. Neither one of us wrote down the name of the book, and we can't
remember what it was! It was a mystery/thriller type novel. Do you know of
any place where I might be able to get a list of novels that were published
back around that time so that I could perhaps recognize the title?
I'd really appreciate any help you could give me!
Thanks very much.

any ideas?


  1. tried nielsen?

  2. What about back-dated sales chart for april. Chances are if it's got a decent campaign behind it, it was with one of the big boys and made the ten or twenty.

  3. that was meant to say TOP ten or twenty.

  4. that is a Mr Daunt hoax trying to waste your time while he makes more money over the road

  5. Good effort guys but i think this one's just a little less vague than the usual "it's got a blue cover" type query.

    Emma! I was trying hard to pretend there wasn't a massive new bookshop over the road...

    Credit crunch.

    Huge competition on the doorstep.

    Good thing I just LOVE a struggle.

  6. an old buyers guide/issue of the bookseller?

  7. Mmm. If it was April, and there were posters all over the tube, my guessing would be "Revelation" by CJ Sansom.

    My shortlist of alternatives would be:

    Suspicions of Mr Whicher - Kate Summerscale (unlikely there would have been a big poster campaign)

    A Cure for All Diseases - Reg Hill (although that was March)

    Prisoner of Birth (Jeffrey Archer)

    Exit Music (Ian Rankin)

    Do I win my £5? Ooh, I hope it's the Shardlake novel...