Friday, May 26, 2006

Are you f***** nuts?

I live in a garden flat. I have recently discovered that my upstairs neighbour uses my garden as an ash tray. There are about a dozen butts in the flower bed.

To my mind there are only two kinds of people who think it would be ok to do this. a) Someone with an IQ hovering around room temperature and b) A sociopath. I wonder which one he is?

[sorry, I just had to get that one off my chest]


  1. cpmatthewMay 26, 2006

    Since moving in two years ago here are a few of the objects that have landed in our garden:

    A breeze block
    A number of wallets (empty)
    A Nintendo gameboy (broken)
    A pair of soiled boxer shorts

    ...and half a clothes stand!

  2. Back in Melbourne, my partner and I used to share a "back yard" (i.e. uneven cement) with the other ground flat, and we put some herbs, tomato plants, etc., in pots to green the fence up a little. Not a problem - until the rodeo rider and his commercial real estate agent girlfriend moved in. When he first arrived, the rodeo rider was in a neck brace, and would sit on the step to our kitchen talking to his mates back on the farm. I don't know if he used a mobile phone or not, because he seemed to think that the distance between them required yelling regardless. Not only would the stink from his cigarettes waft into the kitchen, but the rodeo rider would extinguish them in our pots.

    So. I think your upstairs neighbours are rodeo riders.