Friday, May 12, 2006

The White Stuff

We've only been in our new home for a few days and we've already had a complaint from one of our most loyal readers about the colour scheme. What can I say? We weren't having a very good day the day we picked it. I believe I had just been accosted by one of the Prophets, who told me that I was commiting a sin by wearing a low-cut top and displaying my "full moons" for the corruption of men and children. Blackness therefore suited the mood. Well, today the full moons are entirely eclipsed by a sensible navy blue v-neck, rendering me Prophet-proof, the sun is out, and Mani on the veg stall outside the shop is playing The Beach Boys, so I am happy to oblige and switch our blog over to a more cheerful white background which I trust will be easier on the eye. Apologies for the squinting.


  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2006

    Hurrah! Decent colours and full screen again. Good stuff.


  2. We used to have arguments with my old boss about black on white vs. white on black. Some legibility studies for the sight-impaired have shown that white on black is easier to read. On the other hand, nobody ever complains about black on white. My boss always moaned when we used white on black.

    It looks okay. As long as it's not red on blue, which is absolutely the worst thing you can do.