Thursday, May 11, 2006


Apologies to anyone who's been trying to comment - for some reason the comments option was set to 'comments from team members only' when I know I put it on 'anyone can comment'. Hmm. Boys, anything to say about that?


  1. Hee. I think you've finally arrived...

  2. Your new blog didn't have an rss feed so I created one using Feedburner:

    Tall Paul

    (and oh that s a terrible template -- try template -> pick new in the control panel, and sure you can do better than this. They are quite easy to customise, well I found it quite easy YMMV)

  3. So very dark. Is this the Crockatt and Powell teenage black phase?

    Welcome to your new home. Hope you like it here.

  4. Ms P - HAve you noticed that "team members" are the only people to have commented on the new blog so far?

    Either we have no friends or you have switched it the wrong way...