Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Laptop Hot as Hell

I have been using this laptop for about an hour now.

My legs are hot. Indeed my entire nether region feels like it is going to catch fire any moment...

Excuse me while I run outside to cool myself in the bird bath!

While I am gone read this and laugh a lot. If you are a religious nut then you might not laugh. Most sensible people will!


  1. Laugh ye not, heretic. I had a very similar experience not so long ago... I hope the demons are not still around me just waiting, waiting for fresh unbelieving flesh like yours Matthew.

  2. Marie is the one that has to worry. First there was a warning from a Prophet, closely followed by an "incident" involving the deception of the Lord at a Catholic Christening...

  3. I get the bus home through Dalston every night. Hell holds no terrors for me.

  4. Laptops are not good for your swimmers:


    They're often not much good for ones sex life either but that's a different story

  5. My lovely wife is pregnant. The countdown to screaming terror continues and let's just say I'm not too worried about the idea of me "swimmers" getting zapped with radiation for a while...

  6. My wife too. 22 weeks now. Marie can babysit for both of us.

    She's a good catholic you know.

  7. How did all those beasts fit in that tiny cell? I can't work it out. Must have been a bit like a lift in the rush hour. Much more likely to have been shuffling about and saying sorry. What is with these people?