Saturday, May 13, 2006

FA Cup Football Funshine and I'm Fugging Missing It!

Fed up with Marie's footwear fenanigans? Check out - home of the most brutal fashion police known to (wo)man...

I am bloody seething really.

Not only am I missing the FA Cup final (Is this the best FA Cup final in history? asks John Motson according to the radio coverage on BBC as Gerrard scores a cracking volley in the last minute pushing things into extra time) but it's a beautiful sunny day outside.

Oh well.

As I mused on passing (accidentally) through Slough the other day - it could be worse.

Oh bum. It IS worse. Regular readers will know of my general similarity to Larry David writer of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm though I'm probably less funny and certainly more liable to put my foot in it. (Q furious attack from the people of the much maligned and perhaps lovely Slough) I have just remembered that I have agreed to go to a wedding reception tonight. I don't know the people, they are friends/colleagues of my wife. I HATE going to things like that when I don't know anyone. I am anti-social at the best of times but these occasions bring out the worst in me. If I don't go I will piss off my wife. If I do go though I will be pissed off and probably behave badly thus leading to the pissedoffness of someone else...To make matters worse Mary (my wife) has just pointed out that she has worked in her present job for 18 months now and I have NEVER been to ANY social event involving her colleagues. I suppose this could work in my favour. If they already think I am an anti-social git my reputaion won't get much worse if I stay at home and read a book. Why did Mary marry me? This is a question I have asked myself many times. It is also something I suspect strangers of wondering. On several occasions people have responded to the fact we are a couple with obvious - OH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS - looks of disbelief!

(I should mention that in the background I can hear cheering as the FA Cup is decide on penalties.)

It's over! (This post and the footie) Well done Liverpool, bad luck U Irons. Will I go to the ball? At the moment I am seriously considering the gutless but more literary stay-at-home option...

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  1. How boring was that?

    Liverpool winning their whatever numbereth trophy on fucking penalties.

    So yeah you didn't miss much.

    Sorry still feeling sorry for the Boro.

    My second and last post for the day. I'm not gonna do anymore, I know you get tetchy. xx