Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sorry, a football post.

I like football because you know that no matter how successful you are at some point YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE. It's a real humbler and even though those players are on the mega-ist of mega-bucks I think they earn every penny. Sorry to blaspheme but it is almost as if they are suffering for our sins and in the absence of divine remuneration then 100 grand a week seems cheap at the price to me.

On football related topics there is some kind of big deal coming up in Germany in a few weeks. Whatever could that be?

(I was in Germany in '96 when we went out in the semis to the Germans. I have a German uncle. One of the few times Germans could use the word Schadenfreude in their own language. Painful memories. But I was in Prague for the final between Czech republic and Germany. There were 10,000 dancing, cheering, drinking czechs in the town square and a giant screen. They lost too but it didn't seem to matter. They were happy to be there. Good memories)

Anyway, I was doing a recce of a rival yesterday and noticed they had the new Pele biography and at £5 off too. The cover price was £18.99. It really should NEVER be that expensive but the price has been inflated by the publisher so the high street boys and the supermarkets can look like they are offering the punter a bargain. But It's not. It should only be 14 quid anyway. This of course means we won't be stocking it but thanks to the arse last night I have learned humility in losing this particular contest. There's always another game to look forward to.

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  1. Being a Fulham fan I have had to get used to a fair bit of losing.

    Thing is it just makes winning better!

    This season we beat Chelski - a win that makes up for about a million years worth of rubbish seasons...