Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tree Frog Tragedy, The Butterfly Effect, Breakfast etc

In our interconnected world every meal, nay every moment, is a minefield of possible moral complication. Our every apparently innocent action seems to have unintended consequences.

Take this morning. As I plucked a fairly traded banana from the bunch and went to chop it into my organic muesli (Yes, sometimes I read the Guardian!) I found a dessicated tree frog attatched to the outer skin. For all I know this was a rare species. Maybe it was the last tree frog in the Amazon? I prised it off with a knife and the poor little critter fell to the kitchen floor where my ever hungry feline friend Henry was lurking. Before I could act the frog was gone and my fat cat was licking his lips.

Moments later he was being sick on the bedroom floor!

Only in the 21st century...

1 comment:

  1. The reason your cat was sick is probably because frogs have poisonous glands on their back and, as your story (perhaps) proves, the poison is even there after the poor things have deceased, dried up or is mummified.

    My pet lizard, with those same reptilian glands, reached its untimely demise when our Corgi, ruthless hunter, ate it up. Boy, did that Corgi learn to regret it. Talk about sick! After this incident she didn’t go near any lizards, tree frogs, or bullfrogs.

    (Maybe frog-raisons even have extensive dosages of poisons in them, much like raisons or dried fruit have extensive dosages of vitamins. Sorry, bit macabre).