Tuesday, May 23, 2006


If you were to come into the shop right now you would find me on the floor behind the counter in the corner, knees hugged into my chest as I rock gently back and forth muttering incoherently into my unkempt hair. No, maybe that's not where I am. Maybe I am standing on the roof wearing army fatigues and waving a sniper gun around as Matthew and Adam try to gently coax me down into the street. Or possibly I am nowhere near the shop at all as have run off down the road past the bemused market stall-holders rending my clothes and screaming and shouting at the insanity of it all.

OK, OK, so actually I am sitting behind the counter, a model of neatness and calm, tapping away at the computer. But inside I am all of these cliches of madness. I just tried to order a copy of 101 Dalmations and it has gone OUT OF PRINT.


  1. That might send a bookseller mad but it makes a (small, nimble, blah) publisher's eye glint! I wonder who owns the rights?

  2. Sorry 'Em, as the numerous dogs was made into a Disney movie only 10 years ago I'm sure the book rights have been cryogenically frozen with uncle Walt himself so as not to let bright eyed and bushy tailed publishers like yourself make any money off their property. So beware young Emma, remember what happened to Bambi's mum. These people know no mercy.

  3. That scene still makes me cry.

    On the note of evil multi-national corporations, I'm reading the masterful Bait and Switch at the moment - have you looked at it? It could be a particularly cynical and black comic novel, but of course it's all real. I love it, although am having to alternate with Foundation and Chaos by Greg Bear (which is surprisingly acceptable) when the painful reminders of past corporate experience are too much to bear. Long live independence/ts!

  4. it's been out of print a while I think. We haven't been able to get it for a while.

  5. Further research suggests that there will be a new edition soon. Let sanity prevail.

  6. anonymouseMay 24, 2006

    Apparently "Burgler Bill" is also out of print..

    Probably because it encouraged young children to rob people and keep stolen babies in their sock drawer...

    Still, it was a great book.

    Boggla Boll.

  7. Last night I dreamt about 101 Dalmations being out of print. So, sanity on hold, then.