Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dr Rick just called... say the first review of Tree Of Smoke has appeared in a UK paper.

Remember campers, if you like your Truths cold, hard and crisply detailed as a mathematical formula then this ain't for you.

But if you think Truth lies somewhere South of Confusion you're in for the ride of yer life...

(BTW If you do emabrk on this awesome fictional odyssey and find yourself lost then there's always Dr Rick's map to guide you. Give us an e-mail or a call and I'll put you in touch with the Doc who might just be able to sort you out a copy!)

Break on Through Sergeant Storm!


  1. I'm a little over two-thirds through the book and savouring every page- it is not all exciting twist and turns and there are certainly a couple of question marks here and there. It is not usually my 'kind of book' but I'm definitely enjoying this one! A little more than a third to go and then I'll get a copy of Dr. Rick's map....