Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's half past six...

Minutes to go: 30

Number of Booker related enquiries: 1

Number of Booker related purchases: 0

Money through the till: A number beginning with 8

A good day: You betcha

Booker prize: No thanks


  1. Am I allowed to be at least a tad disappointed at the Man Booker Prize winning book for this year (nope, I've not read the book and I doubt I will)? I heard it's about dysfunctional a family and it is rather bleak. At this time of the year, we do need a book that's a little more cheerful and that might explain the lack of excitement and queues to snap up the book?

    And I was cheering for 'Mister Pip' or 'Chesil Beach'....

  2. Have you read On Chesil Beach? I don't think it's flying the flag for cheerful and uplifting either...

  3. Got to know of this article from Booktrade. Now I'm definitely not reading her book...


  4. Interesting. I haven't read the article that the Mail piece refers to, but it seems to me from the quotes to be an article not about the McCanns themselves, but about how she has found herself responding to the case, being self-analytical and self-critical about her own unpalatable reaction to a huge media story. I like people who are brave enough to confront the unthinkable in themselves, and insightful enough to critique their own knee-jerk reactions. It actually makes me want to read her book more. Though having not read the source article, I may be misinterpreting.

  5. Shame you have missed out, we are doing a roaring trade at the chains...