Thursday, March 29, 2007

Further evidence if evidence were needed

More news this morning on HMV groups attempts to consolidate a weak position. Maybe centralising your buying makes sense from a financial view but frankly anyone (Simon Fox, HMV Group chief exec.) who says that reading books and listening to music are the equivalent of 'consuming media' deserve to go the f**k out of business and good riddance. We've also found out that one of the Waterstone's stores closing is the giant on Oxford street. Staff have been told that the shop will be closing in 'between 6 weeks and a year'. Not all will be offered other positions and most will just lose their jobs. When, is anybody's guess. You've got to hand it to them though - three whole years! Who made that decision and aren't they just making more and bigger mistakes?

Our other current bete noir, Picador, has popped up in the meedja again. This time in this weeks Private Eye.

Seems we're not alone in our dismay over the once mighty imprint... We also found out this week that Faber's current poet du jour, winning fantastic reviews and probably awards to boot, Daljit Nagra and his collection Look We Have Coming to Dover! was initially passed on by Picador. Of course any publisher can make a mistake in selection but this truly looks like carelessness bordering on incompetence.

Incidentally, Daljit will be reading here at C&P in a few months, fingers crossed, for our Poetry Parlour series - 2nd tuesday of every month. Watch this space for further details.

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  1. Perhaps 'Barkin', sorry, Richard Charkin will refute the suggestion in "Private Eye" that he has little interest in trade publishing ; myself, I think he believes in sleeping with Am*zon at the expense of the whole terrestial booktrade (including Waterstone's), but then that is stirring up another hornet's nest.