Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Two things

First, we've added a download on the website. You can hear Marie's dulcet tones and a couple of authors reading. Might not work with all browsers but we're getting there, slowly.

Second, can't we get rid of charity muggers? I hate them. Do charities not realise that for the miniscule amount of people they sign up through these pavement terrorists THOUSANDS more will take an active dislike to their activities?


  1. I hate "chugging" too. The sad fact is that it works. Gone are the days of just rattling a bucket for change.

    I wrote a bit about this last year. It costs the charity upwards of £100 per sign-up, but still seems to be worth it.

  2. ARRRRGG!!! Its a WMA file, for those of us who may not use Microsoft sanctioned media players is there any chance you could post it as an MP3?

  3. Yes, we're working on it. We just wanted to see if it worked.

    As I said, slowly but surely.